Facing Criminal Charges in Singapore

criminal charges

Been charged with a crime or under police investigation? – Even a simple indiscretion can be a concerning and confusing experience.

Being convicted of a criminal offense in Singapore could jeopardize your job, reputation and future in Singapore if you are a foreigner.

The Singapore legal system offers a number of protections to safeguard your custodial rights but be aware! Offences which are minor in your country may attract heavy penalties in Singapore.

The entire criminal law team at Gloria James-Civetta & Co is devoted to defending Singaporeans and foreigners alike who are facing criminal investigation and charges.

Offering quality legal service and personal attention at reasonable rates, head of our Criminal Law department, Mr Amarjit Singh, will protect the accused’s rights at every step of the process.

If you have questions about criminal charges in Singapore, or facing criminal investigation, Contact our Singapore Criminal Lawyers by email or by calling 63370469.
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About Criminal Law

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